Monday, 29 October 2007

Winning gluten-free muesli!

The days of powdery, plastic-tasting gluten-free muesli are over - hooray! A Scottish company (who are extremely friendly) called Spoff sent me some samples recently and they were winning.
They do a range of normal mueslis, as well as wheat-free and gluten-free ones and the ones I tried (all g-f, of course) were really good.
I am a particular fan of the Gluten-Free Highland Muesli with Date, Walnut and Sunflower Seed - there is no added sugar but there is a natural sweetness due to the spices they add - I think this one had some cinnamon in, but I may be wrong... I also made porridge out of one of the other samples, which, instead of having that slightly strange taste I've noticed when I've tried heating up other g-f mueslis, had a really subtle (but NOT bland!) hint of spice and all the ingredients just melted into each other to make a really warming and delicious breakfast.
They also do rice flakes for making plain porridge and, joy of all joys, a chocolate version - again no added sugar which is a bonus - just rice flakes and cocoa - perfect for the wintry days ahead...
You can order online, a few independent shops stock their products - and, even more convenient, some Waitrose stores have just got some in so make sure you get hold of a bag somehow - I would say this is the best gluten-free muesli I've ever had - and, believe me, I've tried a few, and even made my own! I'll be leaving it to the experts from now on...