Saturday, 2 August 2008

Hell Pizza is HEAVEN!!

AT LAST!! G-F pizza in London!

I went on a bit of a mission to get to Hell Pizza today - sat in endless traffic in endless roadworks all the way across London, but it was worth it!

They don't just do gluten-free snack size, despite the website implying that - they do big ones too - they're about 12 inches, so perfect!

I was boring and just went for a Margherita, as I wanted to see what the pizza would be like before trying some of their weird and wonderful toppings...

Verdict - pretty damn good! It's no Risotteria (which is in New York), but I don't think anywhere will ever beat that for me, so the fact that this is top behind that for me means I think it's REALLY good and, to be honest, am just so grateful to them for doing g-f pizza at all - FINALLY! WOOHOOOOO! (I'm excited...)

I would DEFINITELY make the effort to cross London again - on a regular basis - to get more. The base was crispy and thin (think it definitely had some corn in) and the tomato sauce and cheese were really good. So, all in all - A TRIUMPH!

THANK YOU HELL PIZZA! You will make SUCH a difference to Coeliacs all over London - please open some more branches!!