Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Leon - my favourite place to eat lunch

Leon has been touted by any critic who's ever eaten there as the best place to get healthy fast food, but I would say that even using the phrase "fast food" doesn't do it justice, as, in my mind, that instantly creates an image of those despicable golden arches.
Leon is all about really tasty, organic food that will certainly keep hunger more locked up than that evil monster in the Shreddies adverts.
There are superfood salads, snack-size portions of the main meals, soups, wraps and 'big dishes' - delicious grilled chicken, cauliflower and sweet potato curry, meatballs etc - all served with brown rice (with added seeds and spices) and soy-based slaw.
There is also a plethora of drinks on offer - from their winter cold-buster of hot ginger and lemon, to truly thick and wonderful ice cream shakes, and plenty of smoothies, teas and coffees too.
You can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner here and if I was made of money, I would.
The best thing about Leon is that so much of their food is gluten/wheat-free - because it's all freshly made with simple, delicious and nutritious ingredients. The brownies (with a hint of orange oil) and the ginger-lemon crunch cake are both gluten/wheat-free and I can't recommend them more highly.
They are the best brownies I've ever had (and I used to make some pretty good ones) and non-Coeliacs would never notice that they were any different to usual (they're made with ground almonds instead of flour).
Seriously, if you've never been to a Leon, give it a go - you won't be disappointed. It's not cheap but it's totally reasonable for what you're getting.
Such is my dedication to Leon, I will always have a link to their website on the left so click away. I've only visited the Carnaby St and Spitalfields branches but there are more (and I think they're expanding as we speak). Enjoy.

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