Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Best burgers in town

The best burgers I've had so far in London are from Hache, in Camden. The restaurant itself is quite small and decorated in a very cosy, intimate way. The burgers are 100% beef and are seriously tasty. There are loads of different options and most are gluten-free (without the bun obviously). If you ask for no bun you get extra salad, which is always good, and in this case particularly good as the salad dressing is delicious.
Unfortunately, if you're vegetarian and coeliac you won't fare so well on the burger front, as the veggie burgers (there are a couple of different ones) aren't gluten-free, but if you eat fish there is a tuna steak, and there are vegetarian salad options.
The skinny fries are also the best I've ever had (and I've heard the chunky ones are good too but I don't like fat chips so haven't tried them).
I've also never indulged in the puddings as am always too full after the burger, but they do a range of ice creams which I'm sure would be gluten-free as they use really good, fresh ingredients for everything.
It's also very reasonable which is always a plus - I mean we're not talking McDonalds prices, but burgers are under £10 and you get enough chips in one portion to share (and that's coming from someone who loves chips and usually hates sharing them).
Hache is on Inverness St, really near the tube and the market so if you're tired and hungry after shopping, or in need of sustenance before a gig in the Barfly or something, make your way here - you won't be disappointed.

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insider said...

I eat GF too, and just found your blog in a regular Google search.
I've been to this restaurant too and you're absolutely right (and obv have taste!)
Thanks for doing this blog - i know i'm not the only person out there to really appreciate a bit of insight from people in the same situation.