Sunday, 1 April 2007

Leon add gluten-free labels

Just a quick update - Leon have added the symbol 'GF' to their menu so that you can easily and quickly see what is gluten-free, as well as wheat-free, dairy-free etc... hooray! Makes it even easier to decide what to have off their extensive and coeliac-friendly menu - yay!
Also - they have just changed from the winter menu to the spring one and there are loads of new things to try - delicious.


andy said...

on our mothers day trip we also made it into Leon s(strand) for a quick nibble, after we had been on the duck tour which is great fun. its a bus and boat that takes you round london and in the thames anyway our visit was great my daughter ordered the soup which was WF GF, although she said it was a bit spicy for her(10) she did enjoy it...another great place for a nibble....lizze you can leave this next bit out if you want the soup arrived with a flatbread i asked the waitress if it was gluten free when she came back she said yes it seemed the same as the bread as the wraps where in and on the board it said only V for flatbread. we were doubtful and so left it, a little worrying ..not sure on the bread...sorry to ramble but also the Kondier cake shop on shaftesbury ave does nt stock the almond st clement slice but did have another cake but it only stated gluten free not wheat....that was a shame andy

Lizzie said...

Hi Andy,

Sorry to hear that your experience in Leon wasn't as good as it could have been... I'm sure they'd like your feedback though so if you have time, drop them an email and explain. They are very conscientious and am sure will take steps to ensure that all their staff are allergy-aware...

Thanks also for Konditor update - I think their cakes that are g-f are also w-f by nature but better to be safe than sorry!


Sarah said...

Hi! Thank you for your amazing blog -- it has been so helpful.
My family will be visiting London in November and my 8 year old daughter has severe celiac. We are looking for restaurants where we could all go out to eat as a family -- I heard from friends that you have a lot of great info -- so thanks! I've been in touch with someone at Leon, and it seems that they do not deal with cross-contamination issues in the restaurants. Have you had any difficulty with this? I realize that not everyone who is on a gluten free diet need to worry about these issues, but celiacs generally do -- have you found that they are able to accommodate you?

Thanks so much!


Gluten-free London said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for posting! Glad that you're finding the blog useful...
I have never had an issue after eating at Leon, and I would presume that perhaps when they say that they don't deal with cross-contamination, they mean that they're not a certified gluten-free kitchen, as they have things on their menu that contain wheat/gluten.
However, as their gluten-free hot meals are usually one-pot type dishes, I have never been worried about the contamination.
Also, the cakes there (brownies, lemon/ginger crunch) which are gluten-free are individually wrapped so you could always go for tea there instead of a main meal, and not have to worry?
Cotto (an Italian restaurant near Waterloo) is great for a family meal and the owner is Coeliac himself and so is extremely conscientious about cross-contamination etc - and their g-f pizzas (the special, homemade ones - slightly more expensive but worth it!) and g-f tiramisu are AMAZING!
Let me know how you get on,

andy said...

i sarah try the fish restraunts in lester square really good in there ,my daughter is top of the scale aything will make her sick or feel unwell a nd she was fine after eating here,off to thai fusion to night if you can fine one of these they are great,,,have fun