Monday, 24 September 2007

Gluten-free Italian - Covent Garden

There is a lovely Italian restaurant on Endell St, near Covent Garden tube (almost opposite swanky media hang-out The Hospital) which does gluten-free pasta. It's called Da Mario and is totally authentic and seems to have been transported straight from Florence to London, complete with comedic waiters. The food is really good and they offer gluten-free linguine or penne and you can have most of the sauces. They also have specials which change regularly - when I went last there was a risotto which was also gluten-free. For pudding there is creme brulee on the menu and also ice creams and sorbets which are gluten-free.

It's pretty reasonably priced too - between £6.50 and £10-ish for pasta dishes and then a bit more for meat/fish mains.

At last - pasta in a restaurant (that isn't a chain...) - hooray! They don't have a website but if you search for Da Mario Endell St you'll find plenty of reviews...

Highly recommended for a girly supper.

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CeliacChick said...

Hello Lizzie!

My name is Kelly and I'm behind in NYC. I'm wondering if you would be interested in being a guest blogger on CeliacChicks? I'd love it if you could put together a little quick guide to eating gf in London for tourists. We'll totally link back to your blog too. Let me know.