Monday, 21 July 2008


I was going to come up with some fancypants, pun-heavy heading about heaven existing – but in hell – or something, but I decided it was more important to just get straight to the point…
There is a GLUTEN-FREE PIZZA TAKE-AWAY/DELIVERY/EAT-IN place in London – woohoooooooooooo!
Hell Pizza, down in Fulham (unfortunately they only deliver around that area at the moment) do gluten-free bases!! They only do what they call a ‘snack’ size, and you have to pay £1 extra – but who cares?! This is a great advance for gluten-free goodness!
You can custom create your own pizza, choosing toppings etc, or you can choose one of their weird and wonderful creations.
I haven’t been yet to try it out, but I am hoping to VERY soon (despite living miles away!) so will post when I’ve given it a go…


Don-Don said...

Hi Lizzie, thought I would let you know about our existance in Crawley West Sussex, we do have a new freely developed web site, why not take a look at it, the site has now been opened by 48 countries around the world, we have started a local GF restaurant list, do you wish to add any?, please comment on our site and have a look at our regular meetings and our newsletters.
Thanks Don Tombs, Organiser & Founder CGFG.

Gabe said...

Ordered a GF pizza last night and it was fantastic. Base tastes like it could be wholemeal. It's thin and crispy. My wife thought the GF pizza was nicer than the standard one which has a deeper crust.

Although the online ordering and the menu says you can only get snack size GF, on the phone they were happy to do the full size pizzas too. Service and delivery time where great too.

Lizzie said...

Hi Gabe,

Thanks for posting - went to try it out myself today - it was GREAT! Hope that more people start doing G-F pizza soon - nearer to where I live!

Will post my review asap...

Which combination of (slightly bizarre!) toppings did you go for?


Kris said...

My fist post here but have to shre with all you GF pizza hunters..

My partner is wheat intolerant & for a gluten free pizza we have always had to head to Hells in Fulham - quite some distance from where we live. We have recently found one a lot closer & they do FANTASTIC pizzas!

Really worth checking out!

Daughtersofindie said...

Hi there,just thought I'd mention another couple of places where you can have delicious gluten free pizzas in London. They are the Stingray Globe cafe in Columbia Road
and The Singray Highbury Cafe in Highbury

The pizzas are huge and thin crust and really really nice and I am Italian, so I should know!