Monday, 3 November 2008

G-f tea at The Ritz!

I went for tea at The Ritz the other day as I am a BIG fan of tea and they do a gluten-free one! You have to say when you book and then they confirm when you arrive... I was seriously impressed with the service (although you should be at the price it is - £37 per person!) and they were very attentive etc and very good re all the gluten-free stuff. You get a lot of food too - I couldn't finish it all (and I am not normally ever full) and the cakes were awesomely good.
The non g-f tea is finger sandwiches, followed by scones and fruitcake, then a selection of small cakes.
The g-f tea is open finger sandwiches (you get a lot of filling on each one), fresh fruit, and then a selection of cakes.
The sandwiches were on what tasted to me like the Dietary Specials white bread - but because all the crusts are cut off etc, and you get really good fillings, and they are open so only one bit of bread, the bread doesn't seem too dry, which I think it is if not toasted. Someone seems to have really thought about it and actually tasted it for themselves...!
The fresh fruit is obviously nice - although not quite the same as a scone! I think that was what made me extra full though - could have missed that out and moved straight onto the cakes...
There were three different cakes - a lovely blackcurrant macaroon filled with lemon cream and what I think was a white chocolate disc in the middle, a seriously rich chocolate dome filled with chocolate mousse, and a very tasty, moist and delicious mini carrot cake with proper cream cheese icing.
You also get a big silver pot of the tea of your choice and there's fresh clotted cream and jam for the scones (the cream was nice with the fruit and the chocolate mousse cake too).
All in all a REALLY good treat if you fancy a splurge - and you won't need much dinner later!
Pictures to follow...


Son said...

Hi Lizzie,

Thanks for the heads up about the GF option at the Ritz for afternoon tea - will definitely give it a try.

Just discovered your blogs and really enjoyed reading them and the helpful tips.

Looking forward to Dec's issue.


Son said...
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Sue said...

The cakes sound delicious. I have heard about people going there for a gluten free treat. One day perhaps when my hubby wants to treat me??

Also, did I read somewhere on you blog that you wished you could get gluten free fish and chips in London? I apologise if I have got yo mixed up with someone else but I understand that there is a fish and chip shop near Covent Garden that does do gf batter etc. I can't recall the name now but will have a look on the coleiac board tomorrow to see if I can find it anywhere.

Nutritious and Delicious said...

Hi Son,

Thanks very much for commenting - glad you're enjoying it! Will try to update more often...


Nutritious and Delicious said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks very much for comment and info re gf fish and chips... I will try and find out more and give it a go! Great news!


Son said...

Hi Lizzie,
Wasn't sure where to post this but thought you might be interested in this Gluten Free Bakers:
You can purchase loads of yummy savouries, e.g. mini sausage rolls, bacon and onion pasties, chicken and ham pasties, fresh pasta, cakes, biscuits etc.

First site I've seen with a great selection of savouries.


AnjaP said...

Hi Lizzie,

I have been reading your blog with huge interest, as i am on a GF diet too, but love food. It sounds as if you are one step ahead of me though. I have just heard about Hell Pizza and am going there on tuesday and am super excited. Plus i have been to the Risoterria in NY (which i stumbled on by accident) which I just love!
Plus I work right by Borough market too and was wondering if you wanted to meet up for a GF wander around the market and we can compare notes! It would be good to meet up with another GF foodie! Plus it would take me ages to write all my thoughts done on the subject, but if we talked about it you could add some to your blog and that way lots more people would get to know about it - talk about spreading the GF love!
Anja (


Ribena said...

Yo liz, there's a cool fish + chippie in covent garden called Rock and Sole Plaice so maybe that's it? X

Sue said...

The one I was originally thinking of when I posted before was in Leicester Square not Covent Garden as I previously thought. It is called The Mermaids Tail and they definitely do gluten free batter. Not been there though.

Darcy said...

Hi Lizzie,

In May I'm going to be visiting London for a total of a 10 day period and I found out a few months ago that I have celiac. I've been reading your blog and I was wondering if you would have any suggestions for places to eat in the area I am staying at, as I will be staying at the Lynton Hotel B&B on 113 Ebury st. by victoria station.

You can contact me via email at

Your posts have been very helful so far, I'm just not sure where the resturants are located. Thanks again,

Sue said...

Darcy, I have sent you an email with a few tips.


Anonymous said...

I was unaware that you could get gluten free tea at The Ritz, think my mother is going to be happy to hear this. She's been dying to go but didn't think she would be able to fully indulge. Just in time for her birthday too...thanks for the info.