Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Dal and chapattis

I'm a big fan of dal and used to love mopping up leftovers with chapattis - before I knew I was Coeliac. Since then have just been having dal with rice - but found and tried out a great recipe for g-f chapattis today... really simple and very quick.

I used this recipe only I didn't have any ground rice so I just used rice flour and that seemed to work OK.

I've got a lot of Ayurvedic cookbooks which is where I get all my dal recipes from - my favourite is moong dal which is basically just moong dal (available from any local shops which stock Asian/world foods), spices and water. There are lots of recipes online too so just try some out!

The bread would be good with some spices/herbs etc in too - or maybe even nuts or something - will give some varieties a go and let you know!

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