Monday, 11 May 2009

G-f snacks delivered to your desk...

I recently tried a couple of boxes from Graze. Although they don't yet cater specifically for Coeliacs, this is something they are planning to do in the future. However, you can see a list of all the ingredients by clicking on each product and you can easily fill your boxes with g-f stuff. There are only a few no-nos - mostly the chili-flavoured nuts. You can get fresh fruit, dried fruit and loads of different nuts and seeds etc - and delivery is included in the cost - to anywhere in London.

Lots of fun when it arrives as the packaging is really lovely (and all recyclable) and the combinations of nuts/fruits etc are really imaginative and delicious. When I emailed them to ask about allergy-friendly foods, I got a really lengthy and detailed email in return.

Definitely worth a try!


sweetpea said...

Your blog is great. I am planning a trip to London in January 2010 and plan to hit a number of the places you have reviewed. By the way, Hache looks great for burgers and fries but they told me the fries are not safe for Celiacs as they are fried in a non dedicated frier and could be contaminated by other glutenous items fried in the frier. Do you know anywhere in London to get french fries that would be safe for a Celiac?

Hoxton Is Not Amused said...


Thanks so much for your post - glad you're enjoying the blog...! Unfortunately am not going out too much at the moment so haven't been able to post anything new for a while...!
I have to say that I am fairly sensitive and have never had any issues with Hache chips - but good to know that they don't use a special frier...
I would presume that the chips at the g-f fish and chip place in Leicester Square (Mermaid's Tail) are non-contaminated as they do the g-f battered fish in a separate frier, but I'm afraid I haven't asked...!
I wrote to Tootsie's head office and they said that their chips were gluten-free so perhaps they have a frier just for chips? (Sorry - when I say chips, I mean French Fries...!)
Unfortunately most UK restaurants don't seem to be as up on g-f as US ones so there are less designated friers.
Let me know how you get on!

Carol Ann said...

Hi there,

I love your blog.

I also have a blog about GF fine dining - I was wondering if you would take a look at it and perhaps if you liked it post a link? It's called The Gluten Free Foodie, and the site is

Thanks so much,


Gluten-free London said...

Hi Carol-Ann,

Your blog looks great - will add a link to you from the homepage of mine - would be great if you wanted to return the favour!


Lynn85 said...

Hi there

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