Friday, 13 February 2009

Gluten-free wraps...

A great day... I just read about somewhere that does gluten-free take-away wraps in London! FINALLY! Somewhere that means you can get something tasty, with texture and on the go - am very excited.

It's called Danny's Gourmet Wraps and is between Holborn and Russell Square and they have a whole gluten-free menu - they use corn wraps (you get 2 as they're smaller than the flour wraps) and there is a huge selection of both meat and vegetarian ones, and you can choose dairy-free options etc too. They also have a g-f brownie and lemon cake on the menu.

Unfortunately I'm not in London this weekend so going to have to wait until Monday to take a trip there to try one out (I've already chosen which one - The Sicilian) so will let you know how it is afterwards. If anyone else goes this weekend though, please post and let me know what it's like - I can't wait!

(They also say that if you tell them you have an allergy when they order, they'll change gloves/sanitise etc to minimise cross-contamination as obviously they have glutenous wraps there too... seem very clued-up - YAY!)


Jules said...

I've been and it's great!

Lizzie said...

Hi Jules,

Thanks so much for posting - great blog! I'm hoping to go either today or tomorrow and am now looking forward to it even more!


Alexander Quin said...

Great. I work right next door! Who knew?