Thursday, 2 April 2009

Cotto update...

Have been back to Cotto a couple of times and the coeliac owner was as welcoming as ever! He has also now developed his own g-f pizza base which is far superior to the bought ones they offer... for a couple of pounds extra you can have any of the toppings on the homemade g-f base and it's a winner! Absolutely enormous too - felt so stuffed afterwards I couldn't manage any of his famous g-f tiramisu!

However, the time before I had spaghetti carbonara for my main and purposefully left a bit of room to try it - it was OUTSTANDINGLY good! Really sweet, full of brandy and just a delicious, chocolatey, creamy bit of heaven! It often sells out quickly so make sure you book an early table if you want to be sure of getting some!


erina said...

Hey there!

First, thank you so much about your blog! I was really happy to found this, last time (three years ago) when I visited London I found a bit hard to find gluten-free food there.. Enjoyed the trip anyway :) Now I'm travelling again in June and I'm so excited to eat this time properly. I didn't quite understand from the Cottos page if I have to make a reservation in advance for gluten-free food, so could you tell me? If you have time and energy I would be glad if you could write about restaurants (no so expensive) ordering gluten-free food near tourist attractions or which are easy to find, would that be possible? There's no hurry. You can also e-mail me if you want to. I'm sure I can find great tips from your blog anyway. I'll stay my six day in London near almost next to Hyde Park. Thank you!

ps. Welcome to Finland, here it's supereasy to find gluten-free food anywhere! ;)

Alexander Quin said...

Super. I live not to far from this place. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for such a great blog. Delighted I found it.

Gluten-free London said...

Hi Alexander,

Thanks so much - glad you like it!


randsjane said...

Hi all, We live in Belgium (not from there) and visited London about a week ago. Fortunately, I found this site ahead of time and the first night we went to the Mermaids Tail for GF fish & chips- very good (maybe the batter could have used a tad bit of seasoning- but otherwise, very good). During the day we were able to find plenty of GF things at M&S - I love that food in the UK is clearly marked for food allergens and processing (ie, possible cross-contamination with other allergens). Before leaving we had dinner at Cotto's- what a lovely time. The owner is so sweet and friendly- we felt like family there. All the gf food was great- I love the lasagna and even managed to save room for the gf tiramisu- three words- FAB - U - LOUS! Can't wait to visit again one day! Oh, our hotel (Hilton at Euston station) ordered gluten-free bread and made me omelets each morn- wonderful.
Thanks for the recommendations- really made our trip a joy (plus the weather was great- no coats needed ;-)
Deb P (originally from NZ)

randsjane said...

Forgot to mention that I tried two pre-packaged gf brownies, one at Starbucks and the other at Nero. The first one was a bit more cakey and the second one more fudgy. I preferred the one from Starbucks but both tasted great in my opinion. It also had some small chocolate pieces in it which I really like. I advise picking up a few to carry around while you're site-seeing. When you sit down for coffee with family, you'll have something to satisfy your sweet tooth whilst they indulge in their glutunous treats. I know they stay good for at least a few days (check the dates on package when buying and pick the latest).
Deb in Belgium

randsjane said...

One more thing- I made reservations earlier on the days we had dinner at Mermaids Tail and Cottos. It worked out well and was nice to know we didn't have to wait for a table.

Gluten-free London said...

Hi Deb - thank you so much for all your comments and for saying such nice things about my blog! :)

So glad you liked Cotto (the owner is SO lovely, isn't he - as are the whole family!) and Mermaid's Tale - and thank you for brownie reviews!

Please do post again if you come back to London and let me know what you find on your next trip...!


creativehealinggoddess said...

OH my God Thank you I was just about to cry because I was so missing Pizza...Thank you Keep it up.

creativehealinggoddess said...

I went to Cottos and enjoyed a Funghi pizza, but was too stuffed to finish it. I will definately be back and keep up the good work. I have linked to your blog and will continue to do so.


mischmi said...

Without you I'd never found Cotto!
Thank you!
I've been on a weekend trip to London and found your blog a few weeks ago.

Friday I had gf Pizza at Cotto and it was great.